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TEDxTokyo Talks

  • Imamaru Hayashiya | TEDxTokyo 2016

    Imamaru Hayashiya – Paper Cutting Artist A paper-cutting entertainer in the vaudeville tradition, Imamaru Hayashiya is also a paper-cutting arti

  • Azby Brown | TEDxTokyo 2010

    Space—living space, that is, and the ways we envision it and use it, and particularly how it affects the way we communicate with each other—fascinates

  • Kazuna Tsuboi | TEDxTokyo 2016

    Kazuna Tsuboi – System Developer Here’s a high school girl named Rinna who’s massively popular on SNS. She appears to be an ordinary high school

  • Tamako Mitarai | TEDxTokyo 2014

    Tamako Mitarai has always focused on doing work in places where her efforts can make a real difference. While she was a student, she worked with NGOs

  • Uzman Riaz | TEDxTokyo 2015

    Uzman takes us into another world with his ability to glide around on the guitar. Born in Pakistan, Usman is an artist, a performing musician, a compo

  • Katsumi Sakakura - Artist and Ambassador | TEDxTokyo 2016

    Katsumi Sakakura expresses his art through a combination of elements characteristic of traditional Japanese culture—movement, rhythm and spirit.

  • Nana Watanabe

    Nana Watanabe has a wide-angle lens on life. As a photographer, she has shot for iconic brands like Shiseido, Sony Music and Paris Vogue, and also exh

  • Kaori Brand | TEDxTokyo 2011

    Kaori Brand says we should realize that we can’t dictate to nature, and that nature in fact rules our days; witness the recent Tohoku disaster and its

  • Open Reel Ensemble | TEDxTokyo 2012

    In 2009, composer Ei Wada and four musician friends―Kimitoshi Sato, Takuya Namba, Yu Yoshida and Tadashi Yoshida―had a wacky retro idea: Let’s mix ana

  • John Francis | TEDxTokyo 2012

    Would you stop using cars and even go silent for a decade or two for your convictions? John Francis̶the man they call the Planetwalker̶did both after

  • Shihoko Fujiwara | TEDxTokyo 2012

    Few crimes are more loathsome than trafficking in other humans and exploiting them sexually. Shihoko Fujiwara has spent years fighting to end the sell

  • Taku Satoh | TEDxTokyo 2013

    You see Taku Satoh’s design handiwork virtually every shopping day, wrapping consumables like Calpis drinks, Lotte gum and S&B black pepper. But

  • Rei Shito | TEDxTokyo 2013

    What you can get from the photos Rei Shito takes on the streets of Tokyo are glimpses into the lives and mindsets of impromptu models on the move arti

  • BLACK | TEDxTokyo 2016

    BLACK – Yo-Yo Performer and Serial Dreamer BLACK is all about impossible dreams. After getting Gold Medal at the World Yo-Yo Contest in 2001 whi

  • James Kondo | TEDxTokyo 2011

    As the country manager for Twitter Japan, James Kondo’s focus and passion is to transform Twitter into a lifeline tool that helps people caught up in

  • ABC Tokyo Ballet | TEDxTokyo 2011

    The award winning ABC-Tokyo Ballet Company believes that artists should convey hope, light and a buoyant future through their performances, especially