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A human video game

Siro-A | TEDxTokyo 2012

What kind of entertainment would Neo see in the Matrix? No need to imagine, kids̶ just watch Shiro-A. The troupe’s ingenious pop-cerebral antics are reminiscent of the Blue Man Group, but their music, dance and visuals are cyberpunked and way past hyperkinetic.

Shiro-A whose name means “white” in the sense of nothingness̶formed up in 2002, and later took the Bronze Award at the Venice Biennale. Performance pieces like Bar Code Man, Peacock, Human Layers and Twinkle Man are the psychedelia of the 21st century, and the troupe is also skilled at improvisation, including audience participation. Shiro-A appears frequently on TV and in clubs and theaters, and has wowed audiences at events that include the Shanghai World Expo, Sado Earth Celebration 2010 and Summer Sonic Osaka 2010. The troupe is off to dazzle Berlin this August as it begins a three-month circuit of Germany, Denmark and Austria.