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Random Talks

  • Victoria Vox | TEDxSIT

    Victoria Voxis entirely self-produced; her songs are honest, moving, but also light-hearted. Vox earned a degree in songwriting from the Berklee Colle

  • HIROYUKI | TEDxTokyo 2013

    Often called the thumb piano, the kalimba is the world’s simplest keyboard instrument, African-born and with a pure, uncomplicated sound. HIROYUKI’s u

  • AUN J Classic Orchestra | TEDxTokyo 2014

    “Music has nationalities, but does not have borders.” It was this notion that started Kohei Inoue’s journey to explore the potential of Japanese music

  • Jose Bowen | TEDxSMU

    José Bowen, Dean of the Meadows School at SMU, has taught at Stanford and Georgetown, written over 100 scholarly articles, edited the Cambridge Compan

  • Brandon Goldberg | TEDxYouth@Miami

    At he tender age of 9 years old, Brandon has found his passion. He loves to play, inspire and unite people with his joy of playing the piano. Brandon

  • Bruce Huebner / Curtis Patterson | TEDxTokyo 2013

    Bruce Huebner’s shakuhachi sound is unbounded by musical convention, flowing from freeform to jazz to Japanese traditional music to Celtic to Western

  • Lindsey Stirling | TEDxBerkeley

    Lindsey Stirling has been playing the violin for 19 years with a range that extends from classical and to rock and roll. Through her electrifying play

  • Steffin Johnson | TEDxDayton

    Steffin Johnson began playing piano at the age of 4 and was a yearly participant in the Ohio Music Federation’s competitions. He attended Stiver

  • Joanna Wronko | TEDxAmsterdam

    Produced by: http://www.fellermedia.com Camera & Crew: http://www.hoens.tv Joanna is playing as a violin soloist, chamber musician and a guest pl

  • Shingo Annen | TEDxTokyo 2013

    Known in the music realm as Shing02, bilingual rapper Shingo Annen spent his childhood in Tanzania, London and Japan. At the age of 15, he moved to th

  • Rudolf Budginas | TEDxSonomaCounty

    Event video, projection and audio services produced by http://repertoireproductions.com/

  • The CU Denver Mobile Device Ensemble | TEDxYouth@MileHigh

    How can we blend the spontaneity and interaction of live ensemble performance with the 21st century’s most powerful instrument? In this visionar

  • Ana Vidovic | TEDxMidAtlantic

    Ana Vidović is one of the youngest virtuoso guitarists in the world. Ana started playing guitar at the age of 5, and by 7 had given her first public p

  • Jake Shimabukuro | TEDxTokyo 2010

    Few people would consider the ukulele a serious musical instrument. Until, that is, they hear Jake Shimabukuro play one. Jake’s uncommon compositions

  • Usman Riaz | TEDxTokyo 2015

    With each note I play, a world is created in my head. Born in Pakistan, Usman is an artist, a performing musician, a composer, and a film-maker. His c

  • Jess Nolan | TEDxCoconutGrove

    Jess Nolan performs three original songs she wrote, and discusses the creative writing process she engaged in for each. Jess Nolan, a New Jersey nativ