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What Happens Before Innovations – Takafumi Horie

Takafumi Horie | TEDxTokyo 2016

Takafumi Horie – Entrepreneur

Takafumi Horie says the most crucial thing when you are facing your dreams or objectives is to avoid making excuses, like “but I haven’t got money/time/talent.”

Don’t restrict yourself by saying the word but.

If you really want to do something, you can go to extremes.

And get rid of your self-consciousness and pride.

If you forget about shielding yourself with barriers, you can talk to anyone and take on any challenge.

Those are the principles that he follows, and they worked for him. Four years after he launched his limited company On the Edge (later known as Livedoor) as an Internet business in 1996 while still a student at Tokyo University, the company was listed on the TSE Mothers Market. Takafumi now runs one of the largest online salons in Japan, Horie Takafumi Innovation University, and recently published a book entitled I Will Show You a Solution for Your Unprofitable Business.