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Today & Tomorrow?

Masaki Takeuchi | TEDxTokyo 2011

Are we living in the era of the bold eccentric, the realm of the unfettered visionary? Masaki Takeuchi thinks so, and he should know: he’s the man in charge of Shimizu Corporation’s Project Green Float, a massive floating island metropolis whose planned debut is 2025. A thousand meters tall and three thousand in diameter, built to house a hundred thousand people, Green Float will include homes, offices, shops, hospitals and nursing homes.

Besides a land-seascape that includes forests, fields, waterways, reservoirs and grasslands, the manmade isle is essentially a vertical farm and fishery whose waste products are recycled to keep everything going. Green Float will be carbon neutral and self-sustaining, too, using state-of-the-art environmental protection technologies and energy from the waves, wind, satellite-generated solar power and ocean thermals. For island nations like Kiribati and Tuvalu, now watching their shores consumed by rising tides, Green Float represents a lifesaving and practical dream.

A model of Project Green Float will be on display at TEDxTokyo – learn more here.

Learn more about Masaki Takeuchi Website