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The Secret to Make Dreams Come True-BLACK

BLACK | TEDxTokyo 2016

BLACK – Yo-Yo Performer and Serial Dreamer

BLACK is all about impossible dreams.

After getting Gold Medal at the World Yo-Yo Contest in 2001 while still in his teens, though, he lost
his spinning mojo because society didn’t value his achievement.

Even when he graduated from university, couldn’t make yo-yo as an everyday
job and became a systems engineer reluctantly.

He was depressed, lost and felt “I’m dead”.

Not only him, most yo-yo champions were not valued by society and he wanted to change that environment. He quit
from the company and started new career as a professional performer in 2007 to aim performing yo-yo in Cirque du Soleil to change public’s image of the yo-yo.

He merged ballet, jazz dance, acrobatics and even choreography from video games into his performance.

His passionate attitude even brought him to original TED conference as a TED speaker
in 2013.

And in 2014, finally, BLACK began performing in Cirque’s show Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities as their first yo-yo artist in Cirque’s history.

BLACK’s goal these days is to tell people how to make the dream comes true to let them enjoy the life filled with happiness through his performance and talk.