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Magical Moments with Affective Things

Masa Inakage | TEDxTokyo 2012

In the entertainment realm, you’d call Masa Inakage a supreme hyphenate, as in “producer-director-creator-artist-storyteller.” And he actually wears more hats than that. Masa conjured up visual FX for 1997’s dark superhero epic Spawn, produced 144 episodes of an animated series called Fukushima Folklore “Listen Children . . .” and is a past master at fusing computer graphics with live action. He has also delved into game design, musicals and other stage performances, social media, and smart products and environments. His artworks and animations have appeared internationally at galleries and festivals. Both a professor and the dean at Keio University’s Graduate School of Media Design, Masa’s current core interest is storytelling for entertainment, experience design, and business organizations as well as innovation in learning. He’s also investigating the phenomenon of synesthesia, which mixes our five senses in intriguing ways. The Adventure of Multimedia, a book Masa wrote in 1994, predicted how digital technologies such as the Internet and multimedia would influence our digital future.