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Turntable Rider | TEDxTokyo 2012

Street culture is about to take possession of a new vehicle for sonic expression. Spinning your wheels on Turntable Rider̶a custom-hacked BMX bike turned mobile DJ turntable̶actually controls the music, and acrobatics like bouncing, spinning and bumping intensify your exclusive mix. (The brakes even act as a beat pad.) Kenta Ikoma, Toshiyuki Sugai, Hiroaki Hasegawa, Shotaro Kato and Takashi Tsuchiya of the COGOO project launched Turntable Rider to spread the fun of sharing bikes globally. Creative director Ikoma and technical director Sugai have already won multiple honors for their creative work̶including the Cannes Lions Award̶and this invention will only add to their reps. Their performance videos have drawn the avid attention of freewheelers planet-wide. At TEDxTokyo, master freestyle BMX riders Gen Sasaki and Yukio Ito will show you why.