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Random Talks

  • Alyssa Royse | TEDxRainier

    アリッサ・ロイスが、「聞かざる、言わざる」とされている現状を「問いかけ、話す」ものにしなければならないと提案します。私たちのセクシュアリティを互いに知り合う方が、社会的に健全なのです。 ( 翻訳 Moe Shoji 、レビュー Tamami Inoue )

  • Jay Herratti | TED2015

    TEDx Executive Director Jay Herratti describes the common questions posed by TEDx communities around the world. He gives examples of how these diverse

  • Ahmed Saaid | TEDxYouth@Khartoum

    Ahmed Saaid was born in Miami, Florida, USA in 1998. He lived there for 5 years before relocating to Khartoum, Sudan. He has been enrolled in KBS ever

  • Yoram Mosenzon | TEDxAmsterdamED

    In this funny, personal, and honest look at the way we as humans approach communication, Yoram Mosenzon teaches us the difference between true honesty

  • Masako Wakamiya | TEDxTokyo 2014

    At the age of 60, Masako Wakamiya (also known as Ma-chan) decided that she would teach herself how to use a computer so that she could stay connected

  • Emmy Betz | TEDxMileHigh

    How can we support and protect people we love with the going gets rough? This inspiring talk, injury prevention expert Emmy Betz shares her experience

  • Simon Sinek | TEDxMaastricht

    Simon Sinek (@simonsinek) created a simple model, The Golden Circle, that codifies what makes the most inspiring people and organizations so successfu

  • Colin Grant | TEDxBrighton

    Colin Grant is an author, historian and BBC radio producer; he has also worked as a script editor and produced several radio drama-documentaries. His

  • Tia Johnston Brown | TEDxTokyo 2009

    Tia Johnston Brown is committed to inspiring young people to alter their lives and communities in a constructive way. After empowering youth in Africa

  • Lara Stein | TEDxDubai

    TEDx Director talks about the TEDx format, its history and developments

  • Mari Okazaki | TEDxChilliwack

    To bring more awareness for the need in supporting people who are grieving with suicide loss, she will be talking how her mother’s death by suicide im

  • Lyle Ungar | TEDxPenn

    Can Twitter predict heart disease? Day in and day out, we use social media, making it the center of our social lives, work lives, and private lives. L

  • Lara Stein | TEDxSydney

    TEDxSydney 2010 was organised by General Thinking and took place on Saturday 22 May 2010 at CarriageWorks. Almost 2,000 people enjoyed the day live, o

  • Maria Scileppi | TEDxVeniceBeach

    Artist and Designer Maria Scileppi spent one year of her life making one friend a day and cataloguing her experiences. She presents her findings in th

  • Brené Brown | TEDxKC

    In our anxious world, we often protect ourselves by closing off parts of our lives that leave us feeling most vulnerable. Yet invulnerability has a pr

  • 桑原 憂貴 | TEDxHaneda

    モノは溢れているのに、愛着の湧くモノは少ない。 そんな現代の悩みに一石を投じた陸前高田発「KUMIKI PROJECT」 家具から空間までを、自分でつくるための知恵とスキルを学ぶ様々な機会を提供。 自分でモノを作ることを楽しみ、誰かと一緒に作る喜びを 感じられる。 東日本大震災で流されてしまった集会