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Nintendo University: real world skills from video games

Liz Fiacco | TEDxChapmanU

Liz Fiacco is a creative entrepreneur and game designer, and co-founder of Fallstreak Studio. Her previous work includes experience as a designer and production assistant at Obsidian Entertainment and Nickelodeon Virtual Worlds. She also taught game design to high school students at iD Tech Camps.

A 2012 graduate of Chapman University, Fiacco earned a BFA in Digital Arts and minored in game development. Together with colleagues from the development team responsible for Axle (winner of the IEEE Gamesig Intercollegiate Showcase), she started Fallstreak Studio in 2011. Subsequently, they raised more than $20,000 through crowdfunding to fund the commercial release of the game that features a plucky little gear who must surmount big problems in the steampunkish world of a gear-crushing toy factory.

Recently, Liz and her co-founders Jessica Kernan and Lauren Gragg were recognized by OC Metro magazine in its “Twenty Women to Watch” issue.