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Inspiration’s potential to change the world

Naima Mora | TEDxSacramento

Naima Mora reached international fame and broke into the world of high fashion modeling after winning the title of America’s Next Top Model (2008). She remains an all-time ‘fan favorite’ and has landed on the covers of many high profile magazines around the world. She has walked the runway for some of fashion’s top designers and been the face of globally known cosmetic lines such as Cover Girl. This is only part of the story. Naima is a published author and an emerging singer/songwriter. She is the front woman of the band Galaxy of Tar. Through her music, her literary pursuits, and social media endeavors, Naima has taken on the challenge of connecting with young people and their stories about overcoming great adversity and achieving impossible results. She has made it her intentional life purpose to share that wisdom with others, thus, making herself the voice of a generation. Naima works to help others find their “model life,” that is, the model qualities of a global citizen who hopes to change the landscape of their own limitations and of a human race in need of healing.