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How to survive to a post-traumatic stress ?

Jean-Paul Mari | TEDxCannes

Among the American servicemen committed in Vietnam, there were twice more deaths after the war than in the fight. Why? What’s going on? What do we call PTSD – Post traumatic stress disorder? About what is it about and how do we get out of it? Jean-Paul Mari speaks to us about this subject which still remains quite taboo through its personal and professional experience of International correspondent on most of the grounds of conflicts of these last years.

Journalist and International correspondent, psychologist and physiotherapist, Jean-Paul Mari published several hundred reports abroad and several works. He realized a documentary ” Iraq, when the soldiers die ” and a movie ” Without Visible Wounds ” pulled by his book of the same name. He received very numerous prizes. He is the creator and the manager of grands-reporters.com website and has just published a novel, ” Antoine’s temptation ” (Éd Robert Laffont).