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Finding Einstein

Shai Reshef | TEDxKC

Millions of adults forego higher education each year due to expense or geo-political realities. The tragedy is not just an individual one; the next great breakthrough in clean energy or game-changing medical treatment could be lurking in the minds of one of these underserved students. How would the world change for the better if we reduced the barriers to higher education? Shai Reshef explores the implications of applying open-source thinking to the higher education model — and shows where financial capital may not be evenly distributed around the world and that intellectual capital knows no borders.

Shai Reshef is the president of University of the People (UoPeople) — the world’s tuition-free, nonprofit online university dedicated to opening access to higher education. He has 20 years of experience in international education, including having chaired KIT eLearning, the online learning partner of the University of Liverpool and the first online university outside of the United States. He has been widely recognized for his work with UoPeople. In 2009, he was named one of Fast Company’s “100 Most Creative People in Business,” in 2010 he was selected by The Huffington Post readership as the “Ultimate Game Changer in Education,” and in 2012 he was nominated as one of Wired Magazine’s “50 People Changing the World.”