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A Tight Fit: Superheroes and Representation

Bria Davis | TEDxOhioStateUniversity

Bria Davis discusses representation in comic books and movies and how this representation is integral for learning.

Bria is a fourth year student studying Communications and triple minoring in Creative Writing, Art, and Pop-Culture Studies. She spends an exceptional amount of energy exploring connections between stories in our everyday lives and the science behind communication. She enjoys trying to understand why we love the pop-culture we do and what we can learn from it (though her friends may tire of hearing about the “broader social implications” of their favorite TV shows). When she’s not doing that, she’s drawing and writing in the hopes of becoming the next David Sedaris, Dr. Seuss, or Neil Gaiman. In what spare time she has, Bria enjoys performing random acts of kindness with the Boo Radley Society, creating concept art for Multivarious Games, and recruiting the next freshman class with her fellow Telecounselors. After she graduates, she plans to continue exploring her passions in whatever ways they present themselves.