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The Blessings of Science

Ken Mogi | TEDxTokyo 2010

Ken Mogi’s mission is to understand how qualia—the subjective sensory qualities that roam our consciousness, like the “redness” of red—arise from the billions of neurons firing in our brains. He did two years of postdoctoral research on this mind-brain enigma at Cambridge before returning to start the Qualia Movement of Sony Corporation. Currently a senior researcher at Sony Computer Science Laboratories as well as a visiting professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Ken has published close to twenty books in Japanese—and has English ones in the pipeline—along with countless critical essays on the arts and literature. He also hosts a program on NHK called The Professionals, which profiles first-class professionals in various fields. His current focus is discovering how we can use recent findings in cognitive neuroscience to unchain the creativity within all of us.

Learn more about Ken Mogi: The Qualia Manifesto