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Radical Atoms: Beyond the “Pixel Empire” – Hiroshi Ishii

Hiroshi Ishii | TEDxTokyo 2016

Hiroshi Ishii – Computer Scientist & Media Artist

To achieve your goals, Hiroshi Ishii says, you must continuously stand out like the proverbial nail regardless of how many times you are hammered down, race alone down the path you have carved for yourself out in the wilderness, create mountains from sea level—and have the fortitude to be the first to reach the summit.

Hiroshi joined the MIT Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1995 at the age of thirty-nine, and looks back at this event as the “reboot” of his life. His research now focuses upon the design of seamless tangible interfaces between humans, digital information and the physical environment, seeking to change the “painted bits” of GUIs to “tangible bits” by giving physical form to digital information.

In 2012, he presented a new vision he calls “Radical Atoms” that takes a leap beyond tangible bits by using the power of computation to build a new, dynamic digital and physical medium for artistic expression, design and communication meant to breathe life into static forms.

The CHI Academy—which focuses on the computer-human interface—made him a member in 2006 in recognition of the global influence of his research and longstanding achievements.