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Liquid power

Akinori Ito | TEDxTokyo 2011

Plastic doesn’t seem so fantastic these days—more an ecological nightmare that is overflowing our garbage dumps, accumulating in vast, drifting islands, killing wildlife and disrupting the food chain. But Akinori Ito, the CEO of Blest Corporation, wants us to see waste plastic as a resource, especially here in oil-poor Japan. That’s because he has invented a machine that can transform a single kilo of plastic into about one liter of oil and refined into gasoline, diesel or kerosene usable in generators, stoves, cars, boats and motorbikes. Better yet, the Blest machines heat rather than burn the plastic, generating no poisonous pollutants. Akinori and Blest have created models for both industrial and home use, and have already sold over eighty to buyers in Japan and abroad, including the Marshall Islands, North America, India, Greece, Korea and Kuwait. Akinori’s dream is to make this plastic-to-oil conversion a global practice.

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