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Ghost Taste – Hiromi Nakamura

Hiromi Nakamura


Hiromi Nakamura – Human Computer Interaction Researcher & Super Creator

Humans have five senses, one of them being taste.

And Hiromi Nakamura is changing the norms for how taste is experienced using a new technology of the 21st century, electric flavoring, and computer science to solve dietary problems common in this generation.

Hiromi was originally a music major at university, but the various types of technology and research used for media art fascinated her, and she eventually made a radical switch to studying human-computer interaction.

Starting her research on electric flavoring in 2010, she proposed “A New Food Content Using Electric Flavoring” at 2010’s Unexplored IT Talent・Personnel Training Project, and earned the title of “Super Creator.

” Over the years she has been refining a prototype of an “electric flavoring utensil,” which controls taste by delivering electricity to the tongue through the food. In the spring of 2016, Hiromi collaborated with cooking experts, physicians and an advertising firm to hold electric flavoring × salt-free cooking events.