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Avoid Salt. Eat fish and Soy. Live longer

Yukio Yamori | TEDxTokyo 2012

Dr. Yukio Yamori says that living the affluent life is killing us. As the director of the memo: Institute for World Health Development at Mukogawa Women’s University, he’s found that lifestyle-related diseases such as cerebral stroke and cardiovascular diseases are rampant, accounting for 60 percent of deaths. The good doctor is the initiator of the WHO-CARDIAC Study, an international joint project that has been examining the effects of a diet of soy and fish on humans in 61 communities from 25 countries for over 25 years. Worldwide dietary biomarkers show that nutrition influences the risks of acquiring lifestyle-related disease, even among people with different genetic factors and lifestyles. The doctor’s own Genome Plus concept promotes better eating habits and lifestyles that can overcome genomic factors and thwart globally pervasive lifestyle-related diseases. As a scholar of nutrition focusing on health and longevity, he urges everyone to evaluate their diets critically.