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Aloha Damashii (Spirit)-Shenan “Shen” Brown

Shenan "Shen" Brown | TEDxTokyo 2016

Shenan “Shen” Brown – Artist

Aloha. More than a simple greeting, that single Hawaiian word is an entire way of life. Shenan “Shen” Brown, a musician who grew up on Oahu, believes in the spirit of aloha. As one half of the renowned Jawaiian group Def Tech along with Yuki “Micro” Nishimiya, he’s gone on to drop eight albums full of positive reggae-influenced island vibes and sell five million copies. In December 2015, Shen decided to launch a movement to proactively spread the aloha spirit. In addition to writing music and performing, doing talk sessions and media appearances, he now serves as an “aloha ambassador.” Shen says the spirit of aloha is the key to opening your heart to connect and communicate in a constructive way, and he wants you to share the harmony. Just like you’d expect, membership in the movement is free and easy.