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A juggling gymnast

Maro | TEDxTokyo 2011

Even standing in place, a juggler requires a preternatural sense of timing, touch, balance and position. Add acrobatics, mime and dance to the equation, and only a disciplined physical genius like Maro can make the act look effortless.

Maro began his performing life as a theater actor in 1988, later joining a Japanese pantomime company to learn acrobatics, mime, clowning, magic, jazz, ballet and juggling. Focusing on juggling, he worked to blend the art with physical theater. In 2004, the Japanese government gave Maro a one-year professional artist scholarship to train in Japanese traditional and contemporary dance. He received another two-year scholarship in 2006, and went to Germany to train under the great Russian teachers Valantin Tovartchi and Sergey Ignatov at the Jonglier Katakomben in Berlin.

Since 2010 he’s been promoting rhythmic juggling, which combines physical expression and techniques as an original form of expressive sports, and puts his passion into nurturing talent and trainers in this new area.

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