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TEDxTokyo Speaker Audition Live

TEDxTokyo Speaker Audition Live

We will  live-stream! Please enjoy this TEDxTokyo Salon online from 7 – 9 PM on Friday, May 17th. https://vimeo.com/335945107/a7733072dc This event is completely full and standing room only.  

Open Audition for TEDxTokyo Talks on Friday, May 17th from 7 PM at Shizenkan University. Each speaker will share their idea in a short talk within a maximum of 4 minutes.  We will also give the audience a chance to share their idea worth spreading in one minute.

Our main speaker is TEDx Speaker Garr Reynolds share about presentation skills & storytelling.  Garr has written many books in many languages https://www.presentationzen.com


April 7, 2019
TEDxTokyo Salon Live Streaming on Monday, April 8th 2019
June 19, 2019
TEDxTokyo Salon June 14th
Our main speakers Royanne Doi (Ethics Talk), Ted Katagi (Identity Crisis Talk) & Janelle...