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TEDxTokyo 2016 Performer Rinpaeshidan

TEDxTokyo 2016 Performer Rinpaeshidan

Rinpa Eshidan is a unique artist’s collective driven by the process of creation and group collaboration. Their artworks include live art performances, motion painting, designs, wall painting and more. They say that what they create is never meant to last. Since the group’s first breakthrough video Room went viral on YouTube—showing them painting, rearranging and sculpting in fast motion as they utterly transform a typical Japanese apartment—they’ve attracted a lot of attention worldwide, particularly from artists on the underground scene and otherwise. Viewers are mesmerized by their unique and ephemeral creations, and Rinpa’s videos have been watched well over a hundred million times.

The group members also fashion digital works of art, inputting their wall paintings into the computer, processing them into movies, editing them and then projecting them onto walls to create a world of augmented reality. Through it all, the members of Rinpa Eshidan seek to connect people through art that has a lifespan just like any living creature.

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