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Talk to Watch – Tsutomu Uematsu “Hope Invites”

Talk to Watch – Tsutomu Uematsu “Hope Invites”

Hi, this is Sayaka from the TEDxTokyo Social Media Team. I would like to introduce you to my favorite TEDx talk. As of September 30th, 2016, the number of views on Youtube has exceeded 2 million, and a lot of people are still watching it.

The title of the talk is “Hope Invites” by Tsutomu Uematsu (who is CEO of Uematsu Electric Co, Ltd.)

The subject of the talk is “How to Make Our Desires Come True”.

What do you feel when you hear the subject? I guess some people may feel “exciting” or “interesting”. On the other hand, I understand that a small group of people may feel things like “my life won’t be such a hard one if I can do that” , “only a few people can do that”, “it’s almost impossible” or “I did make an effort, but I felt I can’t” towards the subject. Actually I also felt the same way.

I would like to recommend this talk to those who think and feel that it’s impossible to realize your dreams. Please watch because this talk starts with the story of the speaker who had the same feelings in the past.

When you think you are up against the wall, it may not be a wall if you see or think it from another perspective, and this talk will give you some advice on how to overcome those pressures.

Please enjoy!

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