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Why pole dancing is so beautiful

Megumi YUZUKI | TEDxYouth@Kobe

After a long training of classical ballet from her childhood, YUZUKI Megumi became a professional dancer at the age of 19. Other than ballet, she has been accumulating knowledge or skill of hip-hop dance, jazz dance, flamenco dance, etc. Her career has spanned 33 years.
Her performance is widely acclaimed in Japan and overseas.
Currently she plays an active role in pole dance which can maximize the beauty and the charm of women. As a representative director of Japan Association of Pole Dance Therapy she has been conveying to people the attractiveness of pole dance. In 2015, she performed as an actress in a film, and then participated in the Cannes International Film Festival. She is continuously engaged in a wide range of activities.

YUZUKI Megumi started dancing from her early childhood, and she has thirty-three years’ experience as a dancer. Describing her dance as an expression of her soul, she has been performing her dances that express her human essence and conducting her activities to pass her dances down to her others. What is she appealing to us through her destination “Pole Dance”?