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An instant orchestra with 300 strangers

Duncan McKee | TEDxUbud

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Duncan Mckee believes that we can learn to improve the way we work together by modeling the effective leadership skills of musicians. At its core, music is a collaborative human language, which reveals the most authentic nature of how people can effectively work together. While on stage, Duncan challenged the TEDxUbud audience (300 strangers) to transform themselves into a symphony orchestra to play Beethoven’s 9th, using bamboo instruments. They did it and sounded so well!

Duncan McKee is a jazz pianist, composer and educator from the UK. Throughout his 20 year career, he’s played over 2,000 performances with some of the world’s best musicians such as Dale Barlow, Michael Bolton and Bali’s very own Balawan. He composes music for HBO, Discovery Channel and other major networks and leads his own groups Tembusu and The Duncan McKee Trio.

Duncan works with leading organizations (70% of Fortune 100s) helping to improve the way they work together by modeling the effective leadership skills of musicians. For the past two years he’s been developing a new bamboo musical instrument for classroom education. His belief is that music extends much further than the arts; instead it’s our collaborative language and is the most authentic demonstration of how people work effectively together.