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5 things Africa taught me

Martina Ressmann | TEDxKlagenfurt

What if you lost your job? Well you would get a new one…of course…. Martina was in this particular situation. But unlike most of us, she did not let herself drive by fear of the future. She rather saw her „failure“ as an opportunity to escape from our western society. She was brave enough to start over new in Tanzania, where she became part of Horizon3000 for two years. In her talks she shares her insights so that everyone can profit from her experience.

Martina was what you would call a high potential. At age 27 she was head of department “Business development” at the “Austria Press Agency”. A hard working and ambitous personality totally focused on her job. But when she was 32 and in a very responsible position at the DAPD (german news agency) a phone call changed everything. Her boss told her that the company was insolvent. Instead of giving up on herself Martina turned the crisis into a positive happening that gave her the possibility to do what she always wanted to do. She started working in the field of Development Aid for “Horizont 3000” in Africa for 2 years and turned her back on business meetings, restaurants and first world problems. Now she gives an insight in her experiences and shows the advantages of a “simple” life. Back to the Basics and to what really matters!