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The Water Connection

Ai Futaki | TEDxTokyo 2012

Imagine running ninety meters on a single breath. Daunting but conceivable, right? But . . . underwater? You’d have to be a fish, a mermaid or Ai Futaki, who earned a Guinness World Record for that singular feat in 2011 sans fins, by the way and a second for swimming a hundred meters in a cave on one inhalation. Ai’s love affair with water began when she was three. After journeying to California and Cuba to study film, documentaries and Spanish, she worked the world’s oceans for four years as a scuba-diving videographer and cave dive guide. Then she discovered apnea freediving on a lungful of air. Now, as one of very few humans specializing in freediving underwater performance arts, modeling and filming, Ai lives to convey the splendors of the sea to us. Her films are featured on TV and at events and aquarium expositions, and her image regularly graces the pages of magazines and books, including photographer Aaron Wong’s stunning WATER.COLORS and Blue Within.