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The Last Farewell

Hiroshi Ishii | TEDxTokyo 2011

Hiroshi Ishii’s research probes the seamless interface design between humans, digital information and the physical world. In his Tangible Media Lab at MIT, he’s busy inventing new TUIs, or tangible user interfaces, that go beyond GUIs―the current mainstream user interface. Example: the Urban Planning Workbench, a tabletop system architects and city planners can manipulate to instantly see how shifting planned buildings alters their shadows and reflections, and as a virtual wind tunnel to reveal airflows around the structures.

Hiroshi founded and directs MIT’s Tangible Media Group, and also co-directs the group’s Things That Think consortium. He and his team have presented their “Tangible Bits” vision at multiple academic, industrial design and artistic venues. In April 2011, MIT awarded Hiroshi the prestigious Jerome B. Wiesner Professorship Chair.

During TEDxTokyo 2011 Dr. Ishii was interviewed by our backstage live stream team – view the interview here (Japanese only).

Learn more about Dr. Hiroshi Ishii Tumblr