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Soil-free Agriculture

Yuichi Mori | TEDxTokyo 2011

Waseda University Visiting Professor Yuichi Mori spent years developing medical technologies such as blood purification and oxygen enrichment using polymeric membrane technology. In 1995, he launched Mebiol Inc., the first and only company to commercialize a medical membrane–based plant cultivation technology, Imec.

Since the Imec membrane blocks harmful viruses and germs, pesticides are unnecessary. Better yet, the “water stress” the Imec membrane creates induces crops like tomatoes to synthesize large amounts of sugar, lycopene and other beneficial elements, leading to greater sweetness and higher nutritional value. Imec not only eliminates soil contamination that affects productivity and the quality of crops, it also allows cultivation even on sand, concrete and ice. Furthermore, water consumption in Imec is reduced to less than one fifth of conventional culture. Yuichi hopes his technology can help restore agriculture along Tohoku’s battered coast, where sludge, oil and sea salts the March 11 tsunami deposited have poisoned the soil.

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