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Eiji Han Shimizu | TEDxTokyo 2011

Ever wondered why you’re happy, or how to get that way? Five years ago, filmmaker Eiji Han Shimizu and director Roko Belic began traveling around the planet in search of the nature of bliss and contentment. They sought out the wisdom of traditional cultures, individual tales of happiness, and the insights of leading neuroscientists and psychologists. What they came up with is a film that has morphed into a worldwide happiness movement.

Producing “HAPPY” changed Eiji’s own life profoundly, inspiring him to jump into volunteerism, community building, meditation and exercise—all scientifically recognized as effective happiness enhancers—and find meaning in his work. Eiji, by the way, is also the creator of the acclaimed manga series for human rights. Featuring Mahatma Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, and Mother Teresa, among others, his books have been published in over twenty countries and nine languages.

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