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Shiro Tenge | TEDxTokyo 2011

Shiroh Tenge expects miracles—and achieves them. His Holotropic Network and associated holotropic centers and retreats, following the Maha Samadi tradition, help people live healthy, happy lives from before birth until death. Illnesses and their care are treated as part of the great wheel of personal growth and development of consciousness.

In another life as a top executive at Sony—where he was known as Toshi T. Doi—Shiroh headed digital audio projects like the DASH multi-track tape recorder and compact disc, sharing an Eduard Rhein Award in 1981 for inventing the CD. He later ran Sony’s Digital Creatures Laboratory, where he created the original robodog, Aibo, and a dancing humanoid robot called Qrio.

A jazz saxophonist and the author of “Can Science Solve the Mind?” and other books on science, technology, HR management and spirituality, Shiroh also operates Tenge Juku, which helps business leaders refresh their minds, companies and projects.

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