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Crisis Management

Carlos Miranda Levy | TEDxTokyo 2011

Carlos Miranda Levy knows disasters-and how to help people transcend their devastation with dignity, inclusion, and an equitable distribution of wealth. Following the 2010 Haiti Earthquake, he collaborated with Stanford’s Peace Innovation Lab to create Relief 2.0: a disaster response model that uses independent units of local stakeholders and foreign volunteers with mobile technologies and social networks to fill the gaps bureaucracy and top-down hierarchies leave. With the National University of Singapore Entrepreneurship Centre he developed Relief Enterprise, a disaster recovery strategy based on social entrepreneurship. He now leads Relief B2B, a business collaboration initiative for disaster recovery in Japan.

CNN named Carlos one of Latin America’s twenty most influential people on the Internet. No wonder: his education, literature and local portals engage four million people worldwide. Governments and international organizations such as United Nations consult him on public technology policies and strategies. Carlos has also organized multiple TEDx events, including TEDxEarthquake9.0 and TEDxPortauPrince.

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