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TEDxTokyo 2016 Speaker Workshop

TEDxTokyo 2016 Speaker Workshop

Sh0h is pumped for the TEDxTokyo stage. Don’t miss his All Japan Championship beatbox set.

2016 TEDxTokyo is almost here!

Here’s a sneak peak of the Speaker’s workshop that regularly take place leading up to the event. All the speakers took turns presenting on stage in preparation for the real performance on October 22.

Among the participants, we’d like to introduce you to Sh0h.

Sh0h is a Japanese beatbox champion who won the All Japan Competition in 2014. The human beatbox artist represented Japan in the World Championship in 2014, held in Germany. He made it through the Best 16 – and first time for anyone from the Asian region. Sh0w’s talk, including the beat box, will give you goosebumps. It’s amazing how he can create an articulate melody using only his body.

I was already impressed, how ever other participants gave feedback one after another, such as “why don’t you shorten the beat, in to make it more drwaing?” or “how about changing your gesture during the introduction to capture your audience’s attention”

It was surprising to hear their discussion about his performance because I thought the artist should have their own style to express.

After this workshop, he showed us his enthusiasm for TEDxTokyo.

“Human beatbox is not just a “cool” or “awesome”, but “nostalgic” and “soothing” thing. I want to share to the audience that it appeals to the sixth sense, more than the fifth sense. What I want to perform is the beatbox that recalls hidden memories of our listeners.

TEDxTokyo, held October 22, is an exciting opportunity to experience Sh0h’s talk, a blending of music as an artist and expression as a speaker!

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