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TEDxTokyo 2016 Performer ShOh

TEDxTokyo 2016 Performer ShOh

Sh0h ignites audiences with just his body and a single microphone. He is a beatbox artist who won the Japan Beatbox Championship in 2014. He’s been obsessed with beatboxing since he happened to see it on TV in his high school days. Sh0h quickly distinguished himself as one of the best human beatboxers around for his flow, groove, melody, musicality and originality. While still in his teens, he performed in the guest beatbox showcase and at music festivals, and has also acted and appeared in several TV commercials. Sh0h represented Japan at the World Beatbox Championship held in Germany in 2015 and went to sixteenth which was the highest rank of Asian beatboxers. “I want to win the Grammy Awards with my beatbox” says the man known as the Human Disco, “and become the richest, most famous Japanese person in the world and spread happiness around.” He pursues that dream through exclusive beatbox performances.

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