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Event Date: Nov 6, 2016
Place: Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Student Hall

TEDxAPU is an yearly event organised by Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University students which it features APU faculty, alumni, and other invited guests from different organisations and institutions. TEDxAPU is operating under a mission of “Creating New Generation” which it implies a detail purpose of encouraging young university students to grasp their opportunities by stepping out from their comfort zone. As of 2016, TEDxAPU marked 2 years of its history with 2 events already have been successfully held and its 3rd event currently being prepared. TEDxAPU began with the theme of “Doubt Your World” to help audiences understand that change could be made through doubting your world and making an act for it. In its second year, the theme of “What you cannot see” was presented with an intension of helping students and audiences to broaden their views of the world.

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October 20, 2016
TEDxChibaU -千’s Sense-
TEDxChibaU は、アメリカ発祥の世界的なイベント TED の「Ideas Worth Spreading(価値のあるアイディアを世の中に広める)」理念を引き継ぎ、これを千葉と千葉大学特有の魅力でアピールすることを目的としています。
October 29, 2016
TEDxShinshuUniversity 奏 ~From Shinshu to the World~
今年度の「TEDxShinshuUniversity」のテーマは「奏」~From Shinshu to the World~です。「奏」という漢字には、「音を奏でる」「功を奏す」というように、音楽をかなでる、成し遂げる、という意味があります。