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TEDxAizuwakamatsu 2016 – Open your eyes

TEDxAizuwakamatsu 2016 – Open your eyes

Event Date: Sep 18, 2016
Place: Kaei-Gura, Suehiro Shuzo (sake brewery), Fukushima prefecture, Japan

TEDxAizuwakamatsu has designated as its theme “Open your eyes.” Enlarge your horizon towards the world, and imagine new forms of Aizu-Wakamatsu. Researchers have estimated that “90% of the image visible to our eyes is fixed within our brain.” In other words, the world that we see is formed by ideas within ourselves. TEDxAizuwakamatsu, to be held September 18, 2016, will have “Ideas worth spreading” that will broaden our world and enrich our perspectives.

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