TEDxYouth Day 2011

Wanna see magic or new technology? How about some beat-boxing? Well, we have it all here, at TEDxYouth@Tokyo. This is a place where many intelligent, articulate and precocious young students are going to gather together, to show inventions, generate innovative ideas, and seek inspiration!

Over 100 cities around the world will celebrate TEDxYouth events on universal children’s day, appreciating what children do and have to express to the world. This is YOUR opportunity to reveal your hidden talents, or even an interesting idea, you have to your community!

This event will be held in Tokyo, on November 18th, 2012, at Tokyo International School (TIS – see the map here) from 10am-3pm. If you can’t make it, or you’re in another country, that’s OK, we have you covered. TEDxYouth@Tokyo will be live streaming here on the TEDxTokyo page (a link will be given on the Facebook page), using Livestream. If you still can’t make it, we will be updating Facebook and Twitter non-stop with awesome information and the latest news about who is performing or speaking and about what.

This event is open to all youth, ages 13-18 and its all FREE! So if you want to come over to TIS and watch this event live, go to our Facebook page, like the page, and sign up to attend the event, so we know you are coming. And also, how much pizza to order!

If you are excited, go right now to sign up and tell all your friends about it!!!
See you soon.


tedxtokyo's TEDxYouth@Tokyo 2010 photoset tedxtokyo’s TEDxYouth@Tokyo 2010 photoset