Introducing the TEDxTokyo 2012 Speaker Lineup

Today we’re happy to announce the names of speakers to appear at TEDxTokyo 2012. We’re privileged to have such a high-calibre lineup of presenters from across the fields of Technology, Entertainment and Design, with presentations tie in to our theme for this year, ‘Where Art Meets Science’ .

Amongst the speakers and performers are a world-renowned environmentalist nicknamed the planetwalker (John Francis); the founder of the largest and longest lasting ongoing investigation into people insights in East Asia (Dave McCaughan); an international award winning film director (Naomi Kawase); an acclaimed singer-songwriter with a passion for environmental issues (Tokiko Kato); a yachtsman who has completed eight solo circumnavigations of the globe and holds the Guinness World Record for being the oldest person to have done so – at age 77 (Minoru Saito); another Guinness World Record holder – this time for freediving (Ai Futaki); the inventor of a dictionary that can be searched using sign language (Junto Ohki); a musician who uses a bicycle as a musical instrument (Turntable Rider), and a team of performers who use lights, music and their bodies to create stunning sensory performances (Shiro-A).

…and that’s just the start!